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Karura Hydropower Plant Kenya Kengen Norken 2010  Kshs. 31 Million  Geomapping; Geolectric Sounding (6300m); Seismic survey (6300m) and drilling and testing 12 boreholes totalling 560m
Mwingi - Mui Basin Kenya Ministry of Energy - 2008/10 Kshs. 175 million Drilling 20no. Broreholes to 500m each to ascertain quantity and commerciality of Coal depost/reserve in Mui Basin, Kitui and Mwingi Districts
Ngong road Kenya Apec Consortium Apec Consortium 2010  Kshs. 2.6million  Drilling and testing 7no boreholes to 12m
Kiserian Dam Construction Kenya NWPC Samez Consultants  2009/10 Kshs. 42 million drilling 3,000 meters with conventional grouting for dam wall and spillway.
Bugesera International Airpot  Rwanda Gibb Africa - 2009 USD150,000 Drilling 32 No. Borehole upto 12 meters each
Ruzizi III hydropower scheme Rwanda, Congo Fitchner  - 2009  Kshs. 27 million  Drilling 20no. Boreholes to 70m each
Jabavu Road in Kililmani Kenya  Malkia Ltd Masterbill Intergrated Projects 2009  Kshs. 600,000  Drilling 2No. Boreholes to 15 meters each
EPZ Athi River Cattic Cement Ltd In house  2008  3.5m  Drilling 16No. Boreholes to 20 meters each
KPA Berth 19 & Adjacent Stacking areas (Phase II) Kenya Kenya Ports Authority Niras Port Consultants 2007  Kshs 5 million  Offshore Geotechnical works include drilling 5 boreholes of depths 8m-20m offshore depth in water of between 4-13m 
Multiple Hauliers Multiple Hauliers  Maxcad consulting engineers 2008  1 Million   Excavating 48no. Trial pits to bedrock
Isaka - Kigali Railyway  Rwanda Gibbs Africa Gibbs Africa 2008  Kshs.10 Million  Drilling 7no. Boreholes to 20m each, 20no. Trial pits and Cone penetration tests
Tsavo Power Kenya Tsavo Power Aldis Engineering Consultants Limited 2008  Kshs. 9.6 Million  Drilling 17no. Boreholes each 30 - 40m
Mumias - Musaga Transmission Line Kenya KEC International KEC International 2008  Kshs.3.2 Million  Drilling 18no. Boreholes average 5m each along the transmission line
KCB office Towers Kenya Pinncacle Projects  2008  Kshs. 1.1 Million  Drilling 3NO. Boreholes each 15m
Enkorien Hill Bissel Limestone Exploration - Phase 2 Kenya East Africa Portland Cement - 2008  Kshs. 10.5million  Drilling 7no. Boreholes each 100m
Or Power Kenya Or Power Geoff Griffith 2008  Kshs. 1.5 Million  Drilling 8no. Boreholes each 10m
Miritini Mombasa Kenya  ZIM (K) LTD ZIM (K) LTD 2008  Kshs.1,269,040  soil Investigation 5 No boreholes  and Excavation of 10No trial pits to a depth of 10m
Northern Corridor Transport Improvement Project Kenya  Quality Inspectors Ltd Quality Inspectors Ltd 2008  Kshs.150,000  Geotechinical Engineering Services for J.K.I.A. Fuel Hydrant systems 
Bombolulu Mombasa Kenya The Marianist of eastern Africa  Maxcad Consulting Engineers 2008  Kshs.261,500  soil Investigation and Excavation of 15No trial pits to a depth of 3m 
Arboretum Nairobi Kenya - Civil Engineering ltd 2008  Kshs. 10.0000  Carrying out S.P.T's in 2 No. pits at depth of 2m
Tana Power Project Kenya Farab Energy & Water Projects Earth water Ltd 2008  Kshs. 638,000  Carrying out Geo electric resistivity measurements of 50No boreholes.
Preliminary Geotechnical Investigations For The Proposed New Port At Mbegani Bagamoyo - Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Ports Authority 2007/2008  USD 561,600  Offshore Geotechnical investigation for a proposed new include drilling of 16 no hole to 25m in depth of water up to 16m [Joint Venture]
 LPG Storage area  Mombasa Kenya Utmost Consultants  Kenya Petroleum Refineries 2008  Kshs.4.7 million   Site investigation and drilling/Augering of 150 Nos to depths from 10-20m, trialpits to 3m
Enkorien Hill Bissel Limestone Exploration - Phase 1 Kenya East Africa Portland Cement 2007  Kshs. 10.5million  Drilling 7no. Boreholes each 100m 
Nairobi South  Kenya Iberafrica  Socoin Ingenieria Constructions 2007  Ksh. 429,000  Site Investigation and drilling of 3 No by 20m 
EPZ Athi River Kenya Cactic Cement Co. Ltd Adventis Inhouse Limited 2007  Kshs.2.7 million  Driling 16 No boreholes to 20 mts each
Port of Mombasa Dredging & Hydrographic Works - Geotechnical Investigations Kenya Kenya Port Authotity Niras Port Consultants  Kshs 42.6 million  Offshore Geotechnical investigation and drilling of 15 no hole to 25m in depth of water up to 20m also inculded is 34 no Jet Boring  & 30 no Bottom material sampling
Catic Cement Company Ltd Kenya Catic Cement Company Ltd Catic Cement Company Ltd 2007  Kshs 3.6 million  Site investigations and drilling of 16 no. boreholes to 15m deep 
Nairobi Thika Road Kenya Apec Consultants Apec Consultants 2007  Kshs 9.6 million  Site investigations and drilling of 35 no. boreholes to 10m deep and 5 no trail pits
Kikambala Hotel  Kenya Simba Colts Ltd Civil Engineers Design Ltd 2007  Kshs. 435.000  Excavation of Trial Pits minimum 1.5x1.5m to a depth of 2m
Chiromo Westlands Kenya Simba Colts Civil Engineers Design Ltd 2008  Kshs. 423,400  Site investigation and drilling of 2 No. holes by 20m , 23 No. trial pits